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It seems there is a general under appreciation of the body as a means of expression in our daily life. Especially in our Western culture our body parts are considered detached from a co-operating Whole, resulting in over use of single units at the expenses of the all Body. For instance, when we suffer from shoulders pain, this may be due to the fact we might have priviledged our functional aspect of our Body e.g. repeated controlled sets of movements, silenting our more fluent emotional side or vice versa, or we might have priviledged steady movements over flexible ones, instead. This appears to be just a part of the whole picture. However, we may experience pain on a long term and we are very likely to treat the problem as a separate effect. Not to mention for how long time our innate expressivity has been considered as something reserved to the most artistic souls only, hence reducing our array of movement possibilities, colours and shades.

How many times have we fullfilled our purposes through taking specific actions with our partner or on our working place? Do we manage to act consistently to our thoughts? Have we ever wanted to turn up the volume of our intentions making them more effective to achieve our goals, just if…? How do you feel when you comply with the others’ agenda but not yours?

Thinking, sensing and feeling are key aspects of our existence that can have a major impact on our decisions.

Some holistic disciplines state that our Mind and Body are interconnected and emphasize the value of our Body to reinvigorate and refresh our Mind.

These HOLISTIC MOVEMENT CLASSES celebrate well-being through movement. The aim is to get more and more tuned to our Bodies. Through guided exercises that are informed by LBMS (Laban/Bartenieff Movement System) - a system rooted in Movement Analysis by Rudolf Laban later evolved by Imgard Bartenieff - movers gain renewed intuition and presence in their daily life, as they learn to think of their Mind and Bodies as a Whole, whose Intentions have a resonance in their close environment and beyond.

The classes consist on structured warm up exercises that present basic motor and developmental patterns so that participants become familiar with their individual movement habits, while giving importance to their kinesthetic experience, sensations and feelings. Abundant time is dedicated to led improvisation. A particular emphasis is given to the notions of Body, Effort, Space and Shape, observing how our movement signature bridges to our environment. As the class progresses on, alternative pathways unfold and new patterns are revealed during ensemble explorations. The final sharing and observation of others’ movements are crucial to have further insight into group dynamics and options. These classes are integrated by multiple creative tools and interdisciplinary elements, such as the use of voice, coloring, fabrics. They can be delivered as one-to-one or groups session.

To counter voice our modern hectic life style, the classes are a slow-paced, so participants have plenty of time at their disposal to absorb information and comfortably unlock their unique voice.

It is important to note these classes are not representative of any specific dance styles nor fitness training, rather their aim is to achieve a wider approach to movement which abandons any stylized baselines and gives freedom to confidently uncover personal preferences while generating new patterns. This approach to learning differs from the traditional way of trying to perfectly execute the same sets of movement after the teacher; rather than being instructed on what exactly do to get from A to B, movers are challenged to generate their own way and more optimized tools to take this journey, leaving behind any quest for ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

Although HOLISTIC MOVEMENT CLASSES do not have any therapeutic objectives, they will certainly have transformative effects on your Mind-Body level.

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