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Our Services

Movivendi offers movement educational services, including online movement coaching and in-person workshops, to individuals and groups aiming at building cohesion, focus and repatterning of their daily habits through guidance and tailor-made body work.

Tamasa Rei delivers soft tissue massage therapy, blending remedial and relaxing techniques to individuals, in the form of long treatments in South London clinics or mobile sessions at sports and corporate venues across London.

On-Site Sports Massage Therapist

Working as part of an interdisciplinary team, we provide pre- intra- post- event sports massage treatments to your athletes at your sports venue.


Somatic Movement Community Workshops

Somatic Movement workshops delivered in collaboration with other wellbeing professionals as part of interdisciplinary projects to communities.

Somatic Movement for corporate programmes

Somatic Movement sessions delivered to your teams at your office or corporate retreats as part of your company's wellbeing programme.

Sports & Soft Tissue Remedial Massage

Treating injuries, frozen shoulder, golf/tennis elbow, postural restrictions, general muscle ache with remedial massage, taping, dry needling, hot stone, cupping in a clinical setting. Find out more

Online One-to-one Movement Coaching

One-to-one sessions to receive close guidance on body awareness. This is specifically indicated for those who would like to have an in-depth understanding of their movement patterns and receive specific advice on how to improve whole body function. 

Interdisciplinary Consultancy

Offering multi-layered consultancy across various disciplines with special focus on developing multicultural dialogue, enhancing movement integration into across sector practices, providing LBMS Movement Analysis for public speaking, post-production, rehabilitation.


What Our Clients Say


Sere Bi

A fantastic journey today with Paola exploring movement, rituals, meaning and the importance of global awareness on such an important matter as water. The zoom seminar 'Rituals, Dance, Nature celebrating Global water dances together' gave me an insight about Laban/Bartenieff theory and how the connection with an intention can change and give meaning to the way we move. Highly recommended.

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