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DANCE TEACHING                       


As an artist I am very intrigued by the notion of authorship of our actions. Our deliberate choices seem to be highly informed by the perception we have of us as ‘living beings’ rather than ‘doing beings’. As coming from a versatile performance background and training in somatic practices, my classes combine movement improvisation exercises and visual props to take participants on a new self-awareness though playfulness and creativity.                                                                                                            


informed by LBMS (Laban/Bartenieff Movement System)

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Linguistic diversity and artistic exchange foster multiculturalism towards the establishment of a peaceful society  

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Open Lab Workshops where participants are invited to moving insights and danced discussions


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We invited Paola to our young friend’s sleepover to run our Sicilian dance workshop. She arrived early ready to set up and in full costume. When she started I watched and saw what I thought was quite a complicated dance, however Paola broke it down into sections for the children to get to grips with. This resulted in a real sense of achievement for everyone as she seamlessly guided them to completing a challenging dance routine. Paola did this 4 times throughout the evening adapting it slightly to suite the different age groups from 7 up to 15 years old. Paola is a pleasure to work with and brings with her a passion for both dance and culture.

C. Byfield, Membership Events Coordinator - British Museum

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