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Why Do I Love My Job as Chair-Massage Therapist?

Why do I love my job?

Because I feel lucky to be able to incorporate my somatic movement understanding and offer useful tips to office workers who spend most of their days sitting at their desk.

Common feedback I receive is they had never realized how stiff they are, until their hands on treatment.

The idea of 'soma' comes into play here more than ever. An experienced body, experienced sensation of what, where, how my own body is now, and how it can still change, develop, evolve, shape into, according to my intent.

Thinking in LBMS terms, I see body function often prevaricates body expression, while stability exceeds over mobility for so many hours.

This, followed by quick/strong dynamics while commuting in large cities like London, amongst other factors e.g. junk food, distracting lighting, poor sitting/desk arrangements, is likely to cause erratic lifestyle, overlapping thinking phrasing, ineffective kinetic chain progression, lack of breath support, unbalanced core-distal body organization, ongoing cortisol rise, sugar needs dehydration, and so on.

So where to re-start from?

My latest advice I have given was just to create SPACE for tuning into their body. Simply 5 minutes laying onto the floor, without any cushions or blankets in between their bodies and the floor. Mindfully resting and breathing. Does it seem too little? Not at all I would say. We might need guidance on what to focus, surely. But creating this space just for listening can be the first step towards body relaxation, which is different from mind relaxation, such as watching tv or reading a book (in the intent, mind-body connection is present anyway). These activities are great, but focus less on the body, hence you're less likely to attend your body habits so to redirect them.

Mindful attention to your body is not another task to add to your to do list. It's therefore a space you're entitled to, where you can discover your potential. We are not trying to impose change, but to be open to observe possibilities, and choose that one that serves better our wellbeing.

So why do I love my job? Because I feel I can work with people and be part of a global body-mind reframing opportunity.


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